Website Pages

When you are making a page on the website you are promoting, you want to be as exact as possible so the search engines can easily understand what you want to rank for. We will use this exact page as an example of how to create a page to rank on the search engines for the keyword phrase “website pages.” 

Below is how the page should be structured for best seo performance.

Step 1: URL

URL – (always use lowercase for url)

In this example, you will see the URL in the address bar is

Step 2: Title

Page Title / Meta Title

In this example, you will see the page title / meta title at the top of the tab  includes the words “Website Pages”

Step 3: Description

Page Description / Meta Description 

In this example, you will see the page description / meta description includes the words “Website Pages.” You can view this in the google search results or by viewing the source code of the website. 

Step 4: Context/Text

Content/Text on page – Create 500 words of unique text (not duplicated) on the page with the words “website pages” in the first paragraph. Link “website pages” found in the first paragraph to your home page (example Add “website pages” two more times in the text. In total there should be three mentions of the words “website pages” in the text.

In this example, you will see that I included the words “website pages” in the first paragraph and linked it to my home page Also you will see the words “website pages” used many times in this example page. 

Step 5: SEO Silo

At the bottom of the page, link to the other pages you want to rank. This is called an SEO silo. For example, when promoting the informational links provided in the book #1 Secret To SEO “Experts” Don’t Want You To Know Exposed!, I would have the following list of links at the bottom of each page in the seo silo created for this campaign:

Link Text – agency 
Link URL

Link Text – google keyword planner
Link URL –

Link Text – website pages
Link URL-

Link Text – website speed test
Link URL –

Link Text – canonicalization
Link URL –

Link Text – video courses
Link URL –

The actual list at the bottom of the page will look like this example below. Adding a little context above the links will help to fit it into the article and not look awkward.

For more information on how to improve your website search engine optimization please visit the following links below:
google keyword planner
website pages
website speed test
video courses

Step 6: Test

After creating all the links in the seo silo you should go and test all the links to make sure they are working properly.


This is only an example of how to structure website page for success. The keyword phrases above are very broad and it would take a ton of industry links to rank on the search engines for those keyword phrases. I do not plan to rank this website for the keyword phrases shown in the examples on this website page.

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