Google Keyword Planner

Google provides many tools to help with search engine optimization. One of those tools is the google keyword planner. The tool was made to provide keywords for google paid search campaigns and functions the same to build a targeted keyword list for your website. You can find the google keyword planner here and you will need a google account to access the free tools available in the platform.

Step 1: Go To Google Keyword Planner Website

Go to Google keyword planner

Step 2: Discovery

Click on Discover new keywords.

Step 3: Search

Enter your keywords into the box and click get results. You will then be brought to a new page with many results of keyword phrases for search engine optimization.

Step 4: Selection

Select the keywords that match your campaign precisely.

Be very specific when choosing your final keyword phrases. For example, if I were going to promote a dentist in Chicago Illinois , I would choose the following top 5 keyword phrases below:

Dentist Chicago IL
Dentists Chicago IL
Dentist Office Chicago IL
Family Dentist Chicago IL
Cosmetic Dentist Chicago IL

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