Google Ranking Factors

Google uses over 200 different ranking factors in their algorithm and the other search engines follow along with the google algorithm for their ranking factors. Google is the king of search and we are all aware of this. What are these google ranking factors exactly? Every year backlinko updates their website with the latest google ranking factors and includes everything possible to help website owners understand what is and what is not helpful for search engine optimization. You can find the full list of google ranking factors updated yearly at backlinko. Some ranking factors for search engine optimization (SEO) have been proven, some are controversial, and some are speculation. All are listed to help you rank better on the search engines to increase traffic to your website and increase business.

In the book #1 Secret To SEO “Experts” Don’t Want You To Know Exposed! we covered some of the absolute most important and absolute fastest ways to get page one rankings. I will list some that will be of importance in achieving and maintaining your page one rankings:

1.  Domain Age – The older the better. History builds trust with the search engines. More trust equals better rankings.

2.  Broken Links – Make sure all links in your website are working and are not broken.

3.  Latent Semantic Indexing LSI – Fancy term for adding keywords and synonyms of your keywords in the text of your website. Add keywords in the text and don’t go overboard. Keep it simple.

4.  Website Speed – No one likes a slow website. Test your website speed here

5.  Duplicate Content – Do not create duplicate text. All text must be unique and original. Do not have a duplicate website, choose to use the www or not and keep it that way by using the Rel=Canonical tag example here

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